I take my iD44 everywhere,” says multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, singer/songwriter and rising star Ali Stone. This 26-year-old native of Colombia is based in LA and describes herself as “super passionate about music” with numerous achievements to her name already, including a remix on Disney’s Monsters University, a CDA award, being the youngest film composer for her original soundtrack for Dementalhorror movie and the opening act for Justin Bieber’s Purpose world tour.


Named by Billboard as one of the new acts to watch – rightly so as her debut album Sexto Sentido(Sixth Sense) reached the top spot on the US Electronic Chart last year – her audio interface from Audient is never far away. “I also have theiD4, but I really love everything that the iD44 brings to the table. Even though it is bigger than my iD4, it’s still very portable.”

Ali Stone continues to live up to Billboard’s expectations, as nowadays she’s rubbing shoulders with industry royalty. Last year she took her iD44 along to the She Is The Musicsong camp in Nashville, a three-day song writing event for female-identifying songwriters, artists, engineers and producers including Mary J. Blige. “I’d say this is one of the most special experiences I had this year. It was such an honour to make music for Mary J. Blige and to create with so many talented women.”


Ali describes her LA studio setup: “iD44 is my main interface, so there’s not a single time I don’t use it. My four monitors are all connected directly to the output sources of the iD44, and since it has a monitor management function, I can easily change between each pair or mix in mono, all from my interface. I also have my mics connected directly into the iD44 preamps, and I usually use the Direct Inputs that are in the front of the interface.”

Ali cites some of the many reasons why she enjoys her iD44, which was Integral to the writing, mixing, production and mastering of her latest single, The Sweetest Death Is Loving Youreleased last month. “I looove the preamps! Everything that I track with the iD44 sounds so clear and pristine. That’s one of my favourite things,” she says. “The talkback function is also a plus when I’m tracking with other people, it makes communication so much easier. The double headphone output is great for this as well!”

Keep up to date with what’s next for her via her socials @itsalistone or have a look at her website www.alistonemusic.com To read the whole Audient interview with Ali Stone, click through to the Audient website here.