Ukrainian comedian and pop singer, Andriy Danylko – or better known as his drag persona, Verka Serduchka – has taken Europe by storm this Summer, while supported by an Allen & Heath dLive S class system.

Supplied by rental company NEKO Rent, the band’s set up includes a CDM32 MixRack, with an S7000 surface at front of house, and a touchscreen PC running Director software for monitor duties. In addition, the system includes a DX168 Expander for remote I/O and a superMADI card for multichannel playback / recording and external processing.

The recent tour included the grand opening for “Marine Station”, a new Summer theatre in Odessa (Ukraine), as well as multiple dates across Europe and the Middle East.

“I love dLive for its pure sound and the powerful DEEP processing features. I frequently use Dyn8, the Peak Limiter 76, The Mighty and 16VU as they are extremely good emulations of the classic gear and I love that I have the opportunity to use them on each channel or bus,” commentsFOH engineer Andrew Zistan.

Zistan adds, “I love how incredibly flexible the configuration/routing options are and the various combinations you can have connected to dLive. In a small venue, being able to simply take a CDM32 MixRack and pair it with a C1500, C2500 or even a tablet running Director is great, as it still gives you the same features and sound as a larger console or MixRack.”