Author: Bill Evans

Heil Drum Mics

OMG!!!!!! Heil drum mics are my new BFF!!!!! Now that I’ve made myself sound like a girl from the valley…  I’ll try to compose myself and act like the audio professional that I am. HAAAAA!!!!!!!!  On a more...

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Ampeg’s Tiny Bass Amp

VIDEO FEATURE: “It’s so cute.. It’s so small… Is that for girls?” Well, the L2P Network’s Scott Woodward says NOT!” Scott is a professional, full-time bass player in Las Vegas...

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How To Live Before You Die

"You can’t connect the dots looking forward. Only looking back. So follow your heart and trust that eventually the dots will connect."  This commencement speech by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs contains great...

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Yamaha Rivage PM3 & PM5


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