New features

Get full S6L power in a compact system—just added

16C-front on grey-1500x1000

Working in tight spaces? You can now run arena-sized shows on an S6L system that’s ultra-compact and easier to transport. With the new Avid VENUE | S6L-16C control surface, now available, you can configure a new system—or scale down an existing setup—and bring the incredible sound, performance, and efficiency of S6L to the smallest venues.

Access everything faster—just added

With VENUE 6.1 software, you can quickly access a host of parameters and views with just a single touch, increasing your efficiency. Get one-touch access to any channel parameter in your system with the Attention on Fader soft key. Access customizable Encoder Assignment parameters with a single button press. And open an expanded view of your Aux Sends with a tap, giving you fast access and better visibility into all of your aux assignments and statuses.

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Mix monitors more easily—just added

The latest VENUE software also eases the complexity of working with multiple channel groups, enabling you to make complex level adjustments with single fader moves. With the new “VCAs Trim Aux Sends” function, you can quickly trim or boost multiple Aux Send levels of different mix groups, such as all drums or background vocals, with a single fader while in “Sends on Faders” mode.

Remotely control S6L functions—just added


VENUE | S6L enables you to perform up to 128 custom actions/events instantly using its function keys/switches. With the free new VENUE | Function Pad iOS app, which puts wireless remote control of your S6L function keys at your fingertips, you can organize, navigate, and trigger Snapshots and Events from anywhere in the venue using your iPhone or iPad.

Build your perfect system


VENUE | S6L now offers more component options to configure and scale a system to meet any production, space, or budget requirement. Take control of your mix with a choice of five surfaces that offer from 16–48 faders. Power performances and integrate studio processing with a choice of three engines. Get all the ins and outs you need by mixing and matching any combination of four I/O rack options. And scale up or down to meet changing control, processing, I/O, and connectivity requirements.

Mix monitors on your iPhone or iPad


Wish you could step away from S6L and fine-tune individual monitor mixes on stage? You can with the new VENUE | On-Stage iOS app, which enables you to control Aux master levels, Aux send levels, and Aux pans remotely through its VENUE-style interface. You can even let performers control their monitor mixes using their own mobile device. Best of all, it’s a free download from the Apple App Store.

Directly control Waves plugins

WSG Hand1500

With the new WSG-HD Option Card, you can run Waves SoundGrid systems with Avid VENUE | S6L and experience full unrivaled integration, enabling you to access and control Waves plugins directly from the S6L surface and VENUE software. Just as easily as and right alongside your AAX plugins. It’s super-simple to set up, supports Snapshot automation, and provides full system redundancy for the utmost reliability. You can even open older VENUE (TDM) show files that use Waves plugins right in S6L and have all of your settings ready to go.

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Accelerate monitor mixing

In addition to its On-Stage app support, VENUE 5.6 and later software brings new features and enhancements to S6L to make mixing monitors easier. Access sends or members of a mix quickly with the new Sends on Faders button. Maintain the Aux, Group, Matrix, or VCA master fader position when spilling its members for better efficiency. Set up simple coms by feeding monitor busses A and B to the matrix with other channel types. Get better visibility into VCA members in Meters view. Simplify your channel display to streamline information and gain better control. And more.

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Get better insight into your mix

With the Meters view on the Master Touchscreen, you can now get an uninterrupted continuous view of your channel metering across all of your S6L console screens. This view provides all of the same functionality as the Meters view on your Channel Touch Modules.

Record shows with confidence—just added

VENUE | S6L now supports 128 tracks of redundant Pro Tools recording, enabling you to have a backup of all your live recordings without any extra interfaces or expense. Record up to 128 channels at 96 kHz from the C and D ports of a single S6L system, or up to 128 channels over AVB on each end of two systems when sharing I/O.