Aviom BOOM-1

Aviom’s BOOM System Is Now Shipping

The BOOM System is designed by the personal mixing experts to significantly enhance the in-ear or headphone monitoring experience. The BOOM System products from Aviom include::

  • BOOM-1 Tactile Transducer Processor
  • CTT-1 Clamp-On Tactile Transducer for drum thrones
  • PLF-1 Performance Platform
  • KBS-1 Keyboard Seat
  • PFS-1 Performance Stool

Aviom is pleased to announce that the entire BOOM System family of products is now available.

Watch It In Action

We’ve also released a set of videos that are designed to show you how easy it is to set up a BOOM System with your personal monitoring system.

Here’s the first in the series:

Learn More About the BOOM System Products