With a touring and recording resume that includes Butch Walker, Richard Marx, Gavin DeGraw, and The Weepies, Whynot Jansveld is an L.A.-based bassist, composer, and mastering engineer who maintains quite a busy schedule. Last summer, Jansveld was hired for a three-month tour with Japanese rock legend Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, which prompted him to research in-ear monitors. Whynot chose Sensaphonics 3D AARO.


“It was a big arena tour, so I knew it was time to get serious about in-ears, which I’ve never really embraced,” says Whynot. “So I talked to a lot of musicians, consulted the social media hive mind, and did a lot of research. And the one product that does everything I need it to was the Sensaphonics 3D Active Ambient.”

Jansveld had experience with IEMs, but was always put off by the isolation. “You get amazing sound, but it feels disconnected from the audience,” he says. “As a bass player, when I hear everything crystal clear, I’m inclined to play more intricate, detailed stuff that is actually counterproductive to what you’re trying to do as a band. So I loved the idea of being able to hear the crowd and the stage. Sensaphonics 3D does that with no compromises.”

Prior to the tour, Jansveld arranged to receive a 3D-U AARO demo system. After trying out the universal-fit version of the 3D, Whynot was convinced. He placed his order for the custom-fit version shortly before departing for Japan.

“I liked the universal-fit 3D system a lot, but would advise anyone that the custom molded ones sound infinitely better. I got the dual drivers, and they really sound incredible,” he reports. “I have an amazing fit, totally comfortable and very secure. I never lose the seal, which is especially critical for bass. With other in-ears, I got in the habit of automatically reaching up to push them back in place after every song. Now I don’t even think about it, which allows me to focus on my playing. That’s a huge advantage.”

On tour, Jansveld usually sets his ambience level for 8 to 12 dB below his monitor feed – two or three clicks on control knob. That allows him to hear the audience, talk to band mates, and hear the stage.

“For me, it’s all about the music. I play at literally every level – the tiniest clubs, the biggest arenas,” notes Whynot. “3D AARO is great in all those situations. It brings back the vibe, that intangible communication between the band and audience. So besides all the practical benefits, to me, the huge difference is that everything just sounds better – like you’re in a rock band.”

Interestingly, Jansveld has opted not to use the 3D AARO’s Bass Boost feature on stage. “When I first tried the system, just listening to music, I loved it,” he says. “It’s great for music enjoyment. But performing, I prefer the more accurate sound I get with it Bass Boost turned off. Just my preference.”

Musical accuracy is another area in which Jansveld feels the 3D excels. “I was amazed at how good two drivers sound,” he says. “Not even a high and low, just two identical full-range drivers. I’ve never subscribed to this 18,000 drivers per ear thing you always hear about, and this system proves it’s totally unnecessary. With the 3D, the low end is beautiful, the high end is beautiful, and everything in between is beautiful. Plus I get the ambience I want. I’m telling you, I love how these things sound.”

Finally, we felt compelled to ask, how did you get the name Whynot? “Well, it’s actually just an old nickname. I’m Dutch, and my real name is Wijnand. When I was about 10, we were visiting friends of my parents in the UK, and they just couldn’t pronounce it. As a joke, they just started calling me Whynot. So, years later, once I moved to the States, the minute I ran into problems with people pronouncing my name, I remembered that little episode and said, ‘you know what, just call me Whynot. It’s easier and funnier, and people remember it.’ And it just kind of stuck.”

To try 3D Active Ambient technology on your stage, sign up for a loaner with our free demo program for the universal-fit 3D-U AARO system. Whynot indeed!