OnBoard Research Corporation, the award-winning innovative designer and manufacturer of electronic accessories for musicians, announces the publication of its new method book, The Beatnik Exercise Encyclopedia for Drummers. The Encyclopedia, written by Chuck Silverman, instructor at Musician’s Institute and Chris Green, a Musician’s Institute graduate, is a comprehensive method guide for improving timing, rhythmic and dynamic skills using OnBoard Research’s own Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer. Excerpts of the book can be seen www.tuners.com. “The Beatnik Exercise Encyclopedia for Drummers is a comprehensive book detailing the numerous options for practicing with the Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer,” says John H. Beck, Professor Emeritus of Percussion at Eastman School of Music. “Mr. Silverman and Mr. Green have written an easy to understand and well organized book, and when used in conjunction with the Beatnik, will develop your rhythmic accuracy to the point of perfection. It will change the way percussionists build solid, fundamental performance skills.” The Encyclopedia contains four “matrices.” The Sticking Matrix includes every possible sticking, eighth notes to thirty-second notes. The Permutations Matrix includes every possible rhythmic permutation from eighth notes to thirty-second notes. The Accent Matrix includes every possible accent combination from eighth notes to thirty-second notes. The Dynamics Matrix includes every possible dynamic combination from pianissimo to fortissimo. The Encyclopedia is divided into five chapters. Each chapter uses one of the Beatnik Rhythmic Analyzer’s five analyzers: Dynamic, Groove, Subdivision, Tracking and Phrase. Each chapter presents three concepts and each concept includes three lessons. The Encyclopedia includes all of the percussion rudiments, including single strokes, double strokes, “diddles”, flams, drags and roll strokes. Ghost note patterns, popular grooves, basic jazz drumming, drum set applications, odd meter drumming, accented subdivision and accented stickings are all addressed. The retail price of “The Beatnik Exercise Encyclopedia,” is $19.95 and available at all drum shops and full line music stores. The book can also be purchased at wholesale price through all the major MI distributors or directly from OnBoard Research Corporation.