Bel Air 40 Review and Premier Gear Award

I’m very proud to have had the great Joe Gore review my newest amp for Premier Guitar. The article appears in the February 2019 issue. The Bel Air 40 is my fourth amp to receive the Premier Gear Award.

Joe had some super nice things to say about it:

“This is masterful work.

The amp’s core tones are punchy and ultra-present…the fundamental note frequencies feel as grounded as bridge piers…while the top end shimmers with animation.

Cranked, the amp has the hair-trigger dynamic response of a good plexi. Meanwhile, the chiming, articulate highs have more of a Fullerton flavor.

The Bel Air 40 is a magnificent instrument. Its build quality is phenomenal. The core tones are lovely. An array of unconventional controls provides remarkable tonal flexibility, not to mention a fascinating lesson in amp topology.

…the amp’s multiple design innovations, unusually labor-intensive build, top-shelf parts, beautiful tones, and flawless construction more than justify the cost.”

You can read the full review here.

Along with the magazine review, PG’s John Bohlinger did a fun and cool video review.