Truth In Audio (TIA) is pleased to announce the addition of Beyma USA
to the academy’s sponsorship team.

“This is a really exciting addition to our academy”, says Bernie Broderick, founder of TIA. “Beyma is a transducer company and provides products to loudspeaker manufacturers on an OEM basis. I have known these folks for decades, and they have always been on the cutting edge of transducer design. This decision to join TIA’s training academy is just another example of their forward-thinking mentality. Since our curriculum includes many aspects of loudspeaker design, I am certain that Beyma will become integral to the school on a scientific level as well, and this can only enhance what we are going to provide to our students”.


When asked about the decision to join the TIA sponsorship group, Jose Diaz, Managing Director of
Beyma USA, had this to say. “We are grateful for the opportunity to align our brand with what Bernie
has created here. Historically, component manufacturers have not sought the limelight, leaving that to
the OEM brands we service around the globe, but this is something completely different and very
powerful. Not only do we get to show Beyma as a supporter of education in our industry, we have also
been provided an outlet whereby our customers can learn about key Beyma products such as our air
motion transformer (AMT) devices. In 2019, Beyma celebrates its golden anniversary and at 50 years old
we cannot think of a better way to celebrate this milestone than working alongside TIA to promote
education. The manufacturing industry has been given a completely new path for marketing by Truth In
Audio and we are excited to see what the brand has in store for all of us”.

About Truth In Audio
Truth in Audio (TIA) is a unique training academy joining forces with manufacturers and live sound veterans for industry-sponsored training and brand promotion. A mobile academy, TIA travels both the USA and Canada in specifically designed mascot vehicles and collaborates with local rental companies to offer technical training at scheduled events. Truth In Audio is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.