The growth of multi-purpose venues often means mixed-use environments are served by audio network systems that do not support the highest possible production values for music and event performance applications. Cadac’s MegaCOMMS enables music and event performances, of any scale, to be cost effectively staged – and venues permanently equipped – to studio quality levels of sonic performance; providing unparalleled, minimal total through-system propagation delay, time-aligned, phase-coherent high-resolution audio, with up to 3072 channels over distances of up to two kilometres.

MegaCOMMS networks ultra-high performance digital audio, via the 2U 12 port, NetCOMMS software programmable, CDC MC Router. This powerful tool enables the creation of large, resilient networked audio systems, comprising up to 12 separate MegaCOMMS devices – including the full current range of CDC mixing consoles and I/O stage boxes – and 1,536 bi-directional channels of 96kHz / 24-bit audio.

Latency performance is unrivalled, with a total through-system propagation delay, including all console processing and A-D/D-A conversions, of an astonishing 37 samples (@ 96 kHz), or just under 400us. Combined with MegaCOMMS protocol synchronization of all audio samples before summing, for absolute phase coherency at every output, the result is a level of sound quality with which no other audio network can compare.

“Cadac’s MegaCOMMS platform offers the system installation and event sectors an industry leading networking and mixing solution, dedicated to the highest standards of sonic performance,” says Marketing Manager, James Godbehear, “MegaCOMMS will make an audible difference and outperform other network solutions without incurring a cost premium. On top of that, our NetCOMMS software provides a highly intuitive means of control, enabling the most complex and demanding networks to be readily configured.”