Studiomaster is an iconic UK professional audio heritage brand. The company launched in 1976 designing and mass producing some of the very first reliable, high power PA amplifiers, ushering in the era of affordable, high quality sound reinforcement. The company’s power amplifiers made possible the sound extravaganzas and mega tours of the late 1970s and 1980s, by bands like Pink Floyd, as well as supplying the required wattage and suitably reliable and robust mixing consoles to sound hire companies and music venues across the world.

Today Studiomaster continues to supply versatile, high performance PA to working musicians, music venues, dance clubs and bars. In recent years it has expanded into the sound installation market, specializing in quality foreground and BGM sound reinforcement solutions at highly competitive price points. Exhibiting at ISE for the first time, Studiomaster is introducing a diverse range of innovative install products, including a truly portable compact line array system, a DSP controlled phased array column speaker system, a miniature 5 inch DANTE® / POE speaker box, full range 70/100V in-ceiling speakers, 100v line programmable DSP rack mixer amps and a series of flatbed and rackmount tablet controlled digital mixers.