In Singer&Musician #52, we discussed the importance on adding “visual elements” to your show. While our feature primarily talked about lighting and similar theatric devices, it gave readers the opportunity to tell us about some of the things they are doing to make their performances about more than just the music.

After getting feedback as to what people enjoyed about her music, Gabrielle Louise (along with her band) decided to merge her music with her developing love of tango dancing.

While the two may at first glace seem unrelated, the group has found that combining the visual of trained tango dancers during a Gabrielle Louise performance has enhanced the experience and really given the audience something to tell their friends about after the show. We asked Gabrielle to tell us, in words that other musicians and performers could embrace, how this all came to be and here is what she told us:

“As a traveling singer/songwriter, I’ve seen been on my fair share of dimly lit stages where it’s just me, my guitar, and the audience. Realizing the massive importance of visual presentation, I decided to add a special twist to celebrate the release of my latest record—tango dancers! While this may seem odd at first, I found that Tango and my music had a lot in common. Both tend to be agile, sensual, and rhythmically intricate. I found it enhanced the overall performance to make the underlying music more visceral and intense.

The crowd at the Mercury Café in Denver, CO seemed to appreciate that the show was something fun and different. My hope is that the visual presentation transformed the music performance into a more artistic event. I know my band-mates certainly played with more energy and passion when we decided to add another creative element to the show! Given that I am an independent musician building my career without the benefit of a major label, flat screen televisions and pyrotechnics were obviously out of the question. Tango dancing, on the other hand, was a visual presentation I could accomplish without much financial strain. The dancing component was facilitated through tango friends I have made by being a part of the local dance community myself. For the tango participants it was a great way to showcase their talents and spark interest. For me it was an avenue to incorporate my other interests into my presentation. The evening was a synergetic experience of sight and sound, visual and aural, unique and memorable.”

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