As I’m like most engineers who have been mixing and setting up large-scale sound systems for a long while, I like to see how user-friendly a piece of gear is by trying to figure out the initial set up and then how fast I can get thru my normal sound check and run-of-show workflows without reading the BOOK!! (Let’s be real! Most veteran engineers are not interested in re-learning some complicated mixing console invented by some computer geek who doesn’t have a clue about mixing a live show.)
I found the S21 to be pretty user-friendly after you’ve figured out where the main MENU button is located at the top left-hand corner of the right-hand screen, haha! And then learning to use the up and down arrow keys in combination with the two push buttons next to them to access the different layers of parameters such as input channels 1-20 on the first layer, 21-40 on the second layer, followed by Auxs and Sub Groups, matrixes and Control (VCA’s) groups.