Outstanding piece by Dan Daley at the Sports Video Group on the repacking and transition out of the 600 MHz band for audio wireless users moving much faster than anyone had thought. Wait, you thought you had 39 months for the repacking and transition? T-Mobile–which spent almost $8 billion to buy 45% of the spectrum up for auction–thinks otherwise. The company is starting to light up their 600-band booty right now.

Jackie Green, president and CTO of Alteros, the wireless-microphone company spun off by Audio-Technica specifically to develop alternate products for a newly realigned spectrum landscape, tells SVG, “I believe misconception is still strong, and a number of wireless microphone users — and some wireless manufacturers — still think they will have 39 months to use their gear, and this is likely not true in many cases.”

Green relates a recent report about a problem during a live broadcast from an off-Broadway theater in Manhattan. Moments before the show was to start, all the wireless microphones were disrupted by a 600-MHz cellular-phone signal that turned on in same facility. Fortunately, she says, the experienced on-site RF coordinator was able to identify the source of the problem and the operator of the 600-MHz transmission node cooperated and turned off.

T-Mobile has been especially assertive in lighting up the more than 1,500 wireless licenses it acquired nationally — 45% of all the spectrum up for bid, it claims — at a cost of almost $8 billion, as it begins to ramp up its 5G network.

“I am certain there will be cases like this repeated across the country over the next six months, since T-Mobile is firing up nation-wide, and less-experienced users are going to be… scratching their heads and wondering why all of a sudden their wireless microphones do not work,” says Green. “There will be users expecting a slow, planned, well-communicated process who won’t even see it coming.”

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