Judging from the plethora of singer/songwriter releases we’ve been auditioning here at #1 L2P Tower, there’s little doubt that we are entering, or have entered, a very prolific period for popular songwriting. Credit it to stresses in society or simply the coming of age of a new generation of songwriters, but it’s undeniable: the poignantness of the messages in the poetry and music being crafted by independent artists is on the rise.

Most certainly this will continue as songwriters continue to survey and interpret the global political landscape and relate it to their personal lives. Now, I said all that just so I could cap it by adding that I think Eryn Shewell is one of the most “in tune with the times” songwriters I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in recent memory. Her lyrics run from soft and playful to rugged and meaty, which, reflects her style of performing.

Her music is consistently interesting, and always emphasizes the lyrics. Most of her tunes ride on the edgy side of pop, touching upon both blues and jazz. She has excellent vocal control, a powerful, yet very sincere, voice and loads of energy, making her an exceptional live performance. Hailing from East Brunswick, NJ, Eryn is self-taught on the guitar (a necessity for a songwriter) and has intelligently backed her own natural talents by being trained as a sound engineer, in order to better understand the science behind achieving the perfect sound.

Her Live2Play quote is,"Music has always been my passion, my therapeutic outlet, I’m not just chasing fame – this is my career. I will always work in the music industry in some capacity."