From its humble beginnings in a country store and post office, Family Life Church has grown dramatically over the years. These days, the church welcomes almost 1500 worshippers and, with a congregation of this size, the need for a more capable sound reinforcement system became very apparent. This situation recently led church management to upgrade their sanctuary and, to ensure the best possible sound, loudspeakers from the WorxAudio catalog of PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. ( were deployed.

Sight and Sound Technologies of Colorado Springs, CO, a commercial AV integration company that services the HOW, education, theatrical, and conference markets, was contracted to design and install the new sound system at Family Life Church. Kris Johnson, the company’s COO oversees all aspects of the company’s operations, including system design. After consulting with church management to ascertain their requirements, the Sight and Sound design team, along with members of PreSonus’ Commercial Division, designed a new SR system that includes WorxAudio V5T-P ultra-compact line array elements and WorxAudio X115S high SPL bass loudspeaker enclosures. He discussed the project.

“The sanctuary at Family Life Church measures approximately 140 feet wide by 90 feet deep,” Johnson reports. “The stage faces into the width of the room and the area is designed to accommodate 1200 – 1500 people with fixed seating. Given the width of the space, it was crucial to develop a system that provided consistent coverage across the entire area. To address this challenge, we ultimately deployed a system that consisted of three loudspeaker clusters.”

The system Johnson and his team installed consists of 18 WorxAudio V5T-P line arrays. There are 5 enclosures each for the left and right hangs, while the center cluster consists of 8 elements. At the top of each loudspeaker cluster, there is a WorxAudio X115S high SPL bass loudspeaker. Being that the previous loudspeaker system had sub bass enclosures positioned under the stage, these loudspeakers continue to be used. As a result, the WorxAudio X115S Bass enclosures were tuned to cut off at approximately 100 Hz—providing low end support without interfering with the subwoofers. All loudspeakers are Dante®-enabled to ensure maximum system control and ease of system cabling.

When queried about those system attributes that made the WorxAudio V5T-P and X115S so well-suited for this project, Johnson offered the following thoughts. “Services are contemporary in nature and music plays a vital role,” he explained. “so high level music reproduction capabilities were every bit as important a speech intelligibility. With their 120-degree horizontal dispersion, we determined that a left – center – right 3-cluster design would provide the even coverage we needed while the Dante integration into the system’s amplification would provide all the control we deemed necessary.”

For many installation projects, questions inevitably arise, so capable support services are crucial. In this regard, Johnson rates PreSonus Commercial Division’s customer and technical support services best in class. “The guys at PreSonus are great to work with,” he said. “During the design phase of this project, we made it clear we were looking for a self-powered Dante-enabled system, and so the PreSonus guys came to our shop and demonstrated the V5T enclosures. We quickly realized the Family Life church job would be a great room for this system. We were very impressed with PreSonus’ interest in our project and the capabilities of the loudspeakers. Better yet, the PreSonus team took an active interest in the project and followed up all the way through completion.”

With the Family Life Church project completed, Johnson reports his client is very pleased, “We worked closely with our customer to ensure we delivered a system that met their expectations. This new system represents a huge upgrade over what they had before, and I’m pleased to report they are loving it. We’ve received numerous compliments from both church officials and members of the congregation. The feedback we’ve received from the church and the support provided by PreSonus made this a very positive experience for everyone involved.”

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