FM Systems becomes newest L-Acoustics K1 partner and Certified Provider Distributor in Western Canada

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada – June 2018 — In a continuing effort to support and strengthen its presence in the Canadian territories, L-Acoustics is pleased to announce that FM Systems has become one of the loudspeaker manufacturer’s newest Certified Provider Distributors (CPD) and K1 partner, in addition to the company’s continuing role as a Certified Provider for the rental market (CPr).

FM Systems is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta with a secondary office in Edmonton, where the company was originally started in 1985. President and CEO Marlin Jones supervises 23 full-time employees and another 20 part-time/freelance staff who work across Canada and occasionally into the US. Having been an L-Acoustics CPr for more than a year, FM Systems has now made a substantial rental inventory investment in new K1, KS28 and LA-RAK II systems in tandem with its recent designation as a CPD.

“I had heard and used many large line arrays prior to deciding to go with L-Acoustics, but, ironically, it was their tiny 5XT coaxials that first sold me on the product line,” Jones notes. “We purchased a quantity of 5XT in 2016, then quickly added a complete X15 HiQ monitor rig with ARCS Wide and SB18m subs. We liked them so much that we acquired a 24-enclosure ‘K-Standard’ Kara rig in December of that year, then also bought 36 K2 along with K1-SB and KS28 subs just three months later. This January, we took delivery of a new Syva system, and in June we’ll also receive our K1, Kiva II and ARCS II systems, along with X12 and self-powered 108P coaxials. Almost everything is being powered by LA12X amplified controllers, with the exception of the Syva and 5XT, for which we use LA4X. When I list out all of the L-Acoustics systems we now own, it appears that I have an addiction, but it’s amazing gear that shares the same sonic signature and we wanted it all!”

After successfully deploying K2 and Kara for over a year now, the addition of K1 was the next logical step in FM Systems’ plan for growth. Combined with the new LA12X platform, K1’s rider acceptability among top touring artists—including those performing on main stages at large festivals where maximum SPL per linear foot is essential—will allow FM Systems to satisfy A-list musicians coming to Canada as well as establish the company as a flagship L-Acoustics provider in North America.

Each of the product ranges that FM Systems has purchased was chosen to fill a specific niche of its business—for example, Kara and Kiva are primarily for corporate clients, while K1 and K2 are for festivals and touring work. On the corporate side, FM works with several of Canada’s largest telecom companies as well as many special events and charities. On the festival side, FM provides sound reinforcement for iHeart Music Festival Calgary, Chasing Summer, Stampede Concerts and many others.

“We have been using our K2 system for large music and corporate events where room layout and venue constraints have made PA deployments extremely challenging in the past,” Jones describes. “With the adjustable horizontal dispersion, we are able to concentrate sound on the audience areas and mitigate nearly all room reflections. K2 has been deployed with great success in several venues where we would never have been able to achieve the same coverage with any other product we have available.”

FM’s Systems’ new L-Acoustics inventory has also been well received by its clients. “After deploying K2 on outdoor festivals, we’ve had industry professionals seek us out to comment on the clarity of the system and the great coverage achieved,” he says. “And in arenas that we regularly visit with our K2 system, both house building managers and local promoters have commented on how our system provided the best sounding shows and most even coverage of any tours to come through in the last year.

“Front of house engineers are always happy when they arrive at the venues where we have deployed K2 or Kara. It always makes for an easy day for both the engineers and the bands, as the consistency between systems translates extremely well. One of the most remarkable things about L-Acoustics’ products is the consistency in loudspeaker voicing. Across all the product lines, the various speakers all integrate together seamlessly and allow consistent sound reproduction across various zones and different PA configurations.”

Jones adds that his company owned products from two other well-known touring loudspeaker brands’ prior to acquiring his new systems, but it was more than L-Acoustics’ products that led him to partner with the French manufacturer. “Their approach to business and the company culture that emanates from their business model is what truly impressed us. The support they’ve provided has been second to none. Everyone from sales to technical support and business development have been both accessible and invested in helping us to provide the best products and solutions for our clients.”

“Marlin and his team have been carefully planning and growing their L-Acoustics inventory over the past three years,” describes L-Acoustics, Inc. Head of Sales Michael Palmer. “They are extremely detailed and professional and have shown excellent system deployment as well as consistent growth. FM Systems is a welcome addition to the K1 family and an ideal partner to provide our systems on the new LA12X platform to touring, festival and corporate clients in Western Canada and beyond.”

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