At a recent tour stop with pop singer and actor Jesse McCartney, front-of-house engineer Ethan Carlson had a chance to work with the Bose Professional ShowMatch DeltaQ line array system and is now among the growing list of FOH engineers who praise ShowMatch for its performance and sound quality. Specifically, Carlson singles out the system’s vocal clarity and naturalness, low-frequency punch and impact, high-frequency attack and projection, response consistency across the coverage area, and overall performance.

Aside from Jesse McCartney, Carlson’s other live FOH and/or monitor credits include such acts as Taio Cruz and David Archuleta, along with upcoming dates for Julia Michaels’ tour with Maroon 5. Prior to transitioning to the live world in 2009, he worked as a studio engineer with Barry Gibb in Miami. This has given him the finely-tuned ears of a seasoned pro who has years of experience in the studio, mixing onstage monitors and at FOH.
“I will admit, walking into the venue with the Bose ShowMatch system, I was honestly not familiar with Bose in the professional audio world, so I didn’t really have any expectations at all,” notes Carlson. “I was curious and intrigued though, as I was familiar with their consumer speakers and headphones. When we started the soundcheck process at the venue, right off the bat the system sounded great. Normally I spend quite a bit of time EQ’ing a P.A. at a venue, with my normal routine involving a library of reference tracks I have ready. This time, I pulled up my first reference, and I was immediately pleased with how pleasant it sounded overall across the full frequency spectrum. I made some very, very small adjustments, and everything went smoothly from there. Through this process, standing next to me was none other than Jesse’s manager, and she was clearly very pleased as well. Walking around the venue, I was able to confirm that the coverage was balanced and even across the whole dispersion area. The entire experience was positive, and I look forward to working with Bose ShowMatch systems at other venues in the future.”
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