DAS Free Altea Speaker Covers Instructions + Rebate Terms and Conditions:

1. Go to the online registration form and fill it out completely. This can be done by clicking here or pasting this URL in your web navigator. http://register.dasaudio.com/admin/index.php?lang=en.
2. Pick up your covers from the place of purchase (if the dealer has inventory) /or/ Your covers will be mailed from DAS Audio of America (within 2-4 weeks).

3. If the dealer does not have the covers in stock Send the proof of purchase by email (infoUSA) or fax (305-436-0528) to DAS Audio within 30 days of purchase (subject: Free Altea Covers).

Terms and Conditions:

Rebates are available for end-user customers in the Continental U.S. who purchase a new eligible product/model (Altea Series) during the promotion period (November 1st to December 31st) from a participating DAS authorized dealer. See http://www.dasaudio.com/en/distributors/?id=42for a list of authorized retailers. Claims must be submitted within 30 days from the purchase date unless otherwise stated. In addition, unless otherwise stated, transactions directly with DAS and their employees are excluded because the pricing for such transactions typically includes the rebate amount.

End-user customers must submit a valid rebate request online at via the product registration page here including all requested customer contact information, purchase information (Original Receipt which incl. Retailer name/location, purchase date, purchase price) and eligible product/model and configuration. Customers must complete online or print the submission form generated by the online submission tool and fax/scan and e-mail the Proof of Purchase which clearly indicated Date, Place and Price of purchase, in order to determine eligibility no later than the claim date for the promotion. DAS will honor 1cover per one speaker purchased up to a limit of 6 covers/rebates per customer, per rebate period, unless otherwise specified in writing. And unless otherwise stated, DAS Audio of America retains the right to refuse to honor the rebate if deemed fraudulent or incomplete. The Purchase of product must be located in the US, Shipping of bags may take place immediately at an authorized retailer (if the stock is available) or directly from DAS Audio of America typically within 2-4 weeks.


If you meet all eligibility requirements for a rebate, properly follow the rebate submission rules and timeline, and can substantiate that you were eligible and complied with the submission rules. Most often any discrepancies can be quickly resolved by providing complete documentation of your purchase including Product Serial #’s and Receipt of Purchase clearly indicating place and price of DAS Items purchased.

Authorized Products and Time period:
(Purchased from November 1st, 2018 until December 31st, 2018)

• Altea-412A
• Altea-415A
• Altea-712A
• Altea-715A and/or
• Altea-18A
(single purchase authorized)