The Heritage G12H (55) impulse response is the brand new Celestion IR, offering the unmistakable tone of 60s rock.

The Heritage Series G12H (55) is a faithful replica – made using traditional materials and construction methods – of the original Celestion G12H which became the speaker of choice for Jimi Hendrix in the late 60s. With a hefty 50oz ceramic magnet and a lower resonance 55hz “bass” cone, it was ideal for the heavier rock styles that were emerging at the end of the decade.

Now the authentic tones of the Heritage G12H (55) speaker have been captured in digital form, for use in the DAW or amp modelling software of your choice. So you can experience for yourself the strong, warm lows, complex mid-range and fine-grained treble of this classic speaker at home or in the studio.

If you’re ready to apply that 60s, Hendrix-like tone to your playing, download the new Heritage G12H (55) impulse response today.