The latest in Harbinger’s series of ultra-portable PAs, the new MLS900 Personal Line Array combines 900 watts of Class D power, a comprehensive feature set, and a variety of inputs in an all-in-one sound system that’s ready to travel. A great choice for gigging musicians, singer-songwriters, DJs, presenters, and anyone who needs a portable, turnkey sound-reinforcement solution with power to spare, the MLS900 features a 3-channel mixer that includes up to eight simultaneous inputs and a 2-band EQ with ±12 dB boost or cut.

The MLS900’s total of eight simultaneous inputs includes two mic/guitar combo inputs; stereo 1/4-inch line inputs that can accommodate keyboards and other line-level sources; a stereo 1/8-inch aux input for use with a wide variety of media players, and stereo Bluetooth audio. Wireless stereo Bluetooth audio input enables use with smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth audio sources, while reducing cable clutter.

With its 8-inch subwoofer, the MLS900 kicks out more low end than similar products, delivering a rich, full sound. The easy-to-carry (under 30 lbs) subwoofer enclosure also acts as a base for a large, full-range column speaker with six matched 2.75-inch drivers configured as a line array. Tuned to produce warm, solid mids and articulate, detailed highs, the line array delivers an ultra-wide 150-degree horizontal dispersion, enabling the MLS900 to cover the entire audience. A convenient carry bag for the column speaker makes the entire system easily portable.

This combination of a high-quality subwoofer and column array results in precise, professional-quality audio that ranges all the way from 40 Hz to 20 kHz. Thanks to its 900 watts, the MLS900 fills the room with up to 121 dB SPL of clean audio. If that’s not enough, take advantage of Harbinger’s Smart Stereo™ routing to combine two MLS900 arrays into an integrated system with volume and tone control for the whole rig from the master unit.

The Harbinger MLS900 has a street price of $599 is available now in Guitar Center stores and online at and


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