A Motörhead Song…In A Disney Movie? Yep. The Disney Flick BOLT, starring John Travolta and Miley Cyrus, features Motörhead’s, “Dog-Face Boy” from their Sacrifice album. The song plays in a mailroom scene where a young worker is listening to it on his headphones and inadvertently wraps Bolt up in a box that gets shipped off to New York City. Motörhead songs can be very distracting! Disney isn’t the first to pick up on the Motörhead mystique: there was a Motörhead song in the SpongeBob SquarePants movie, too. As says Lemmy, the band’s indestructible and renowned leader, “It’s never too early to get the kids started on our music!” An iconic hard rock band that continues to forge ahead and not look back, Motörhead is without a doubt one of the most respected rock bands in the world and has influenced generations of rockers. Lemmy, a huge, iconic alliance of hell-raiser, cult-figure and rock-animal, has been the one and only, uber-persona of loud, hard and aggressive rock ever since the mid ’70s. And it is this relentless boot-stomp forward which has carried the spirit of Motörhead, that heaviest of metallic power-horses, on it’s full-bore no let-up 30+ year career. 2008 has been a huge year for this Grammy Award winning band, debuting in the Billboard Top 100 charts, and engaging fans with two back-to-back, high profile U.S. tours, with their next scheduled to begin in January, 2009. The band is currently on tour in Europe, selling out venues throughout the continent. Other things happening in today’s Motörhead world: – a Lemmy movie in works: www.lemmymovie.com (a Lemmy-designed, limited-edition shirt can be purchased at Motörhead’s website: iMotörhead.com, and a portion of the proceeds will lend support to the film’s production costs). – WWE is using the new Motörhead song, “Rock Out” as their official theme song for PPV Unforgiven, and also using Motörhead songs as Triple H’s entrance music, heard by millions of fans every week. – Lemmy is the musical director of the late night HBO show, Down And Dirty With Jim Norton. – a Lemmy icon action figure, warts and all, is now available. – VH1 chose “Ace Of Spades” as one of the 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs.