Neo Instruments has introduced the DRIVE IN, a new addition to their current range of guitar effects pedals. Aimed at the player who likes a classic overdrive sound when playing blues or rock music, the DRIVE IN offers not only the typical overdrive sounds, but also offers a vast array of tonal variations.

The DRIVE IN is not a high-gain metal distortion unit – it has been designed to appeal to the more discerning player who loves rich, deep smooth sounds that blend wonderfully into the mix and give expression and character to the music. It masters the classic overdrive sounds, and is just as convincing at producing different distortion variations as well as a variety of overdrive sounds.

With the DRIVE IN users can achieve a slight saturation of drive to their sound or a deep distortion full of sustain. In contrast to the usual overdrive pedals currently available, the DRIVE IN not only provides the player with controls for level, drive and tone but with a newly developed COLOR control. While a classic tone control dampens the treble range of a classic overdrive pedal, the COLOR control on the DRIVE IN mostly changes the frequencies in the bass and mid-range and thus, gives important access to frequencies that change the character of the sound, adding another dimension to the users experience.

The DRIVE IN was designed by Guido Kirsch and Uli Rodenberg (owner of Rodenberg Amplification) Uli is known and revered for his handmade boutique effects pedals and amplifiers. He handled the design of the PCB, so consequently there are influences from the Rodenberg GAS 808 Overdrive within the DRIVE IN.

This pedal is robust and perfect for life on the road. Only the very best components have been used in the design and manufacture of the DRIVE IN. Anyone that is currently using one of the amazing Neo Instruments Ventilator pedals will know that this company does not compromise on quality. Power is supplied via a standard 9-volt power supply or a 9-volt battery.

Price and availability

The DRIVE IN will be available to purchase in September, 2018, list price is $279.

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