Demos Also Included Yamaha Digital Consoles and Dante

NEXO’s ETC training program has grown significantly since its inception in 2013.  Essentially organized into three categories, starting with the introductory ETC1 followed by the next-level course for users of NEXO equipment (ETC2), and finally, ETC3 a specialist pro-engineer tutorial. The training division has just pioneered its first ETC2i seminar, dedicated to the preparation, design, and implementation of fixed installations.

Yamaha Commercial Audio organized a remarkable ETC1 seminar at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida staging it alongside a presentation of Dante and CL Digital Audio Consoles by the Yamaha Commercial Audio Training Seminars (YCATS) team.

It was so well-attended that a second day was added, conducted by NEXO’s Nicolas Poitrenaud and Yamaha Commercial Audio colleagues Preston Gray and Mark Rush, for more than 60 Full Sail students and their teachers, as well as other invited audio professionals. Two semi-trailers of consoles and PA equipment were provided, including NEXO’s new GEO M10 mid-size line array that was flown during class, complete with MSUB15s, and a range of smaller cabinets (PS15, ID Series) and NEXO subs (LS18, S118).

Topics covered the fundamentals of acoustics and different source types, system design using NEXO’s proprietary NS-1 modelling software, an introduction to subbass set-up, speaker and system processing and remote control using an enviable library of playback material to match every system at every level.

Led by NEXO Director François Deffarges, the seminar used the chronological timeline of an installation to guide its audience of professional engineers. The course began using real-world examples, before taking the class through acoustic, mechanical, and network/management design.  A dedicated session of NS-1, NEXO’s proprietary modelling and prediction software suite, prepared students to design systems for live performance venues.

Uniquely, the ETC2i course syllabus covers sound system integration and installation, as well as a number of system and acoustic measurements: RT60, STI, Max SPL, and transfer functions. To complete the process, Deffarges and his team took the class through system check and tuning, the full acoustic and system measurement process, right up to reporting and invoicing.

ETC training sessions take place on all four continents, and are completely free to students. For more information on NEXO training, visit

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