The newest addition to our Backline Heroes IR range is Orange Amps.

Celestion has teamed up with Orange to create an entirely new set of Impulse Responses to offer musicians and producers a new standard of digital guitar tone.

This new Backline Heroes range is for guitarists who want the combined tone of iconic Orange cabinets loaded with classic Celestion speakers.

These new IRs mean you can quickly and easily replicate authentic Orange cab tone whether you’re at home, recording in the studio or playing live on stage.
Our new range of Orange Impulse Responses are available individually as:

Orange PPC112 1×12 (closed back) Vintage 30
Orange PPC212OB 2×12 (open back) Vintage 30
Orange PPC212 2×12 (closed back) Vintage 30
Orange PP212V 2×12 (open back) Neo Creamback
Orange PPC412 4×12 (classic) Vintage 30
Orange PPC412AD 4×12 (angled) Vintage 30
Orange PPC412HP8 4×12 G12K-100

…or as a collection with up to 50% discount!

Read more about our new collection of Orange cabinet IRs at our blog