The Navajo County Juvenile Probation Department has teamed up with the Navajo County Accommodation District to help at-risk youth avoid jail by helping them learn life skills and make-up lost credits through The H.U.B. (Hope, Unity, Belief) Center for Success. Functioning as an important diversion program for local youth to avoid being incarcerated, students are provided a safe place to learn and develop important life skills. The Center is working with industry partners such as Guitar Center to develop a music room, complete with a recording studio to help teach constructive skills and hobbies. For their new recording studio, recording and mixing solutions manufactured by PreSonus Audio Electronics ( of Baton Rouge, LA were placed into service.

Guitar Center Professional coordinated the sale of products for the new recording studio at The H.U.B. Center for Success. According to Sal Davi, Account Manager at Guitar Center Professional, “The plan is to create a recording facility where students can record songs and make videos in addition to using the equipment to mix and capture live shows. To provide a setup that would be capable of handling these divergent tasks, we elected to equip the studio with a PreSonus StudioLive 32, which is a 40-input digital console/recorder with motorized faders. This is augmented by a StudioLive 32R 32-channel rackmount digital mixer and stagebox with remote XMAX preamps, plus a copy of Studio One 4 Professional digital mixing, recording, editing, and mastering software.”

When asked about their reasons for selecting these specific PreSonus products, Davi offered the following thoughts. “It all came down to a combination of versatility and intuitive operation,” he reports. “Since this equipment will be used for both live sound and recording projects, we needed a setup capable of handling a wide range of production scenarios. The PreSonus equipment does just that. The StudioLive 32R, for example, can be used to mix wirelessly using the UC Surface touch control software for use with a tablet such as an iPad. This capability enables the unit to function as both a digital snake and a mixing board. These products, including the EarMix® 16M personal monitor mixer, provide a high level of adaptability that makes the PreSonus products really well-suited to this particular environment.”

With the start of the new school year now underway, The H.U.B. Center for Success is poised for a revolutionary change in the way it helps at-risk youth get a new start. Navajo County Chief Probation Officer Jason Cash reflected on the opportunities The H.U.B. presents, “When kids go through the system or get ordered to come to our center from a judge, they can fall too far behind in school to make up the work. The Accommodation School allows them to make up those credits, and then they come to The H.U.B. where we instill life skills and provide them constructive outlets. Guitar Center, as well as the State of Arizona, have been great partners in helping us get the necessary equipment and develop this music room. It’ll be a state-of-the-art facility when it’s completed.”

Sal Davi of GC Pro echoes Cash’s enthusiasm, “This new setup at The H.U.B. is really going to help form an innovative facility that will inspire a lot of kids. Already, the students love what they see and can’t wait to get started using the equipment. With the assistance of Bill Cone, our PreSonus regional sales representative, I believe we’ve assembled a setup that will help foster the creativity in many of these kids!”

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