In late July, El Shaddai Ministries presented “The Time Is Now” – Prophecy Conference 2018 at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. Organized with the goal of helping participants gain an appreciation for the religious differences among us and to promote greater understanding, the 2-day conference featured renowned speakers on biblical prophecy. The ability to clearly hear each and every word was crucial to the success of this event and, to ensure the best possible sound for conference participants, loudspeakers drawn from the WorxAudio®, ULT, and StudioLive® AI catalogs of Baton Rouge, LA-based PreSonus® Audio Electronics, Inc. ( were deployed.

With offices in Seattle, WA and Nashville, TN, Essential Audio Group, Inc., a premium event services and integration provider for touring, concert, and corporate events, was contracted to provide sound reinforcement for “The Time Is Now” – Prophecy Conference 2018. John N. Wilson, President and CEO of Essential Audio Group, who oversees system design, event management and sales, discussed the project and his reasons for using the PreSonus loudspeakers.

“This conference had approximately 2,000 participants,” Wilson explained. “The room is quite large. The seating area measures roughly 180 feet wide by 130 feet deep, with the stage facing into the 130 foot depth. This very wide seating arrangement presented a unique challenge in that even coverage and vocal intelligibility at every seat was critical to the success of the event. To address this, we flew 14 PreSonus WorxAudio XL1T-P 2-way, self-powered high efficiency line arrays for the house mains—with each of the left and right 7-element clusters flown at a height of 22 feet. For low frequency support, we used two WorxAudio TL218SS super subs, with one enclosure each on the left and right sides of the stage.”

To augment the primary setup, Wilson and his crew positioned an additional two WorxAudio XL1T-P enclosures downstage left and right on the stage lip. These two loudspeakers handled front fill chores—giving added clarity for the first 6-8 rows of front and center seating. Out fill responsibilities were handled by a combination of two PreSonus ULT15 2-way active point source loudspeakers (one each for the left and right sides), and two PreSonus StudioLive 312AI 12-inch coaxial active point source loudspeakers (one each left and right).

When queried about those attributes that made this combination of PreSonus loudspeakers well-suited to the challenges of the project, Wilson immediately singled out the WorxAudio XL1T-P’s dispersion characteristics. “The WorxAudio XL1 has an unusually wide 160-degree horizontal coverage pattern,” he said. “This made the XL1 our first choice for this application due to the extended width of the room’s seating area. The ULT15s are the perfect complement to the XL1 for out fill, as they have the same voicing as the XL1 and helped cover the outer seats perfectly. Because of this implementation, coverage was consistent in both volume and tonality at every seat in the room.”

“Equally important, these loudspeakers have first-class speech intelligibility characteristics,” Wilson added. “As the system was primarily used for speech reproduction, this aspect of their sound reproduction capabilities was crucial. This combination of loudspeakers also comfortably handled several short sets of contemporary praise and worship music featuring a small band”

For companies such as Essential Audio Group, the ability to reach out to the equipment manufacturer and receive answers to questions in timely fashion is crucial. In this regard, Wilson was very complimentary of the PreSonus Commercial Division’s customer and technical support services. “Having the expertise of the manufacturer’s representatives at our disposal is incredibly helpful,” Wilson reports. “Jon Taylor, who handles Technical Sales for PreSonus’ Commercial Division, provided us with a system design specifically for this application. We couldn’t be happier with the service we receive from the company.”

With “The Time Is Now” – Prophecy Conference 2018 completed, Wilson reflected on the outcome of the project, “Our customer was extremely pleased. Several of the customer’s production crew members who had done this event in the same room in the past said they had never heard it sound better. Everyone was very impressed with the intelligibility of the system and its ability to evenly and accurately reproduce the program material. Even with just two TL2188SS subwoofers, we had more than enough low frequency power to cover the entire room with rumbling earthquake sound effects from one of the presenters’ videos. The entire project worked out really well.”

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