Creative Arts Academy of St. Lucie—also referred to as CAST—is one of those rare schools where academics and art truly do go hand in hand. The school is dedicated to educating the whole child. Every day, their students discover the magic of learning in unique environments that use music, art, dance, and drama as an instructional strategy, creating a distinctive type of learning environment in the process. The school recently upgraded its main performing arts hall and, as part of the renovation, a new sound reinforcement system utilizing loudspeakers drawn from the WorxAudio catalog of PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. ( was installed.

Creative Sound and Lighting Solutions of Cape Coral FL, a national AVL design/build company serving houses of worship, school systems, entertainment parks, and a variety of performance halls, was contracted to design and deploy a combination of audio, video, and lighting improvements. As for the sound system, Rob Robinson, co-owner of Creative Sound and Lighting Solutions, discussed the project and his reasons for deploying a combination of WorxAudio V5M ultra-compact line arrays and ULT18 Active sound reinforcement sub bass enclosures.

“With the renovation of the school’s auditorium, this facility will be named The Big Speak Theater,” Robinson reports. “The space is used for a wide range of activities, including school assemblies, theatrical presentations, music concerts, and more. This room measures roughly 60 feet wide by 70 feet long and there is also a large balcony area that covers all but the first six rows of the main floor. Seating capacity is 550 people.”

“The left and right main loudspeakers consist of two WorxAudio V5M line array enclosures positioned on each side of the proscenium,” Robinson continued. “The primary challenge was that our hanging points were 1.5-inch pipes coming directly and horizontally out of the concrete wall. We had to use a Chief CMA-365 truss ceiling adapter just to orientate our threading and receive it with a Chief CMA-395 angled ceiling plate directly attached to the top of the V5M. The bottom V5M was then hung from the top enclosure using the PreSonus yoke mount so that the bottom loudspeaker had plenty of range to aim down onto the actual floor seating.”

Low frequency support is provided by a pair of PreSonus ULT18 active subwoofers. These closures are positioned on each side of the stage, vertically aligned with the V5M enclosures overhead, with approximately 20 feet distance between them.

When asked about the feature attributes that made this combination of PreSonus loudspeakers the ideal choice for this project, Robinson offered the following thoughts, “First and foremost, speech intelligibility was a crucial consideration and the speech intelligibility provided by the WorxAudio V5M is amazing. The compact size of the V5M was another very important factor, as the way they are mounted was pivotal in having the ability to aim the top V5M on each side toward the balcony while aiming the lower enclosures onto the floor area.”

With many installation projects, questions inevitably arise, so the ability to get capable and responsive customer and technical support services is crucial. When queried about his experience with the support services of PreSonus’ Commercial Division, Robinson was very enthusiastic. “As always, the PreSonus team of Tony Flammia, Director of the company’s Commercial Division, and Jon Taylor, Technical Sales for the Commercial Division, were closely involved with this project—from design through deployment,” Robinson said. “With their expertise, we all knew exactly how it would sound before the loudspeakers even got up in the air. They had our back all the way through the job.”

The Creative Arts Academy of St. Lucie renovation took place during July 2017 in preparation for the upcoming academic year. With the new sound system up and operation, Dr. Lori Anne Reid, Principal at Creative Arts Academy of St. Lucie, offered a positive assessment of the completed project, “The lighting / sound system and the support we received from Rob Robinson, Russell Byas, and the Creative Sound and Lighting Solutions team was phenomenal. Not only did the team design a superior system and install it perfectly, they provided a personal touch that supported our students and school.”

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