You’re standing in total darkness. Suddenly you hear a huge crowd start cheering wildly. A band starts playing but, oddly, they sound very distant and far away. A spotlight bursts on to you in intense, blinding white light. In an attempt to shelter your eyes you look down only to realize … you’re naked … and … none of your gear is set up. You squint through the light only to realize that everyone, including the band, is staring at you … and … they have their phones out … and … they’re typing. Suddenly, the phone in your pocket starts vibrating incessantly with social media alerts. Startled, you jerk straight up in bed, sweating … panting. “Oh thank God, it was only a dream.”

The question is, how long will it remain “just a dream.” Robert Scovill has some thoughts about recent live event “incidents” and how we may be in the process of becoming our own nightmare.