We are excited to share our front cover and featured article in Mix Magazine – Learning at the Live House
Here is what this project is all about and some insight into how we put it together.

Trinity Sound’s Vital Role at The Live House

At 6 p.m. on September 28, following a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Steve Vai took the stage and officially opened Live House, Musicians Institute‘s new state-of-the-art, future-proof venue at Sunset and Highland, right in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world.


TSC crew member Chris Monk mixing FOH during the Steve Vai 54 hour Big Mama Jamathon debut event.

Trinity Sound Company (TSC) of Anaheim Hills, CA designed and installed a NEXO and Yamaha system for the new Live House theatre at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. The system was arranged in cooperation with the Yamaha Professional Audio division. The new theatre will be used by students and touring musicians alike.

“Yamaha asked my company to become part of a project at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood,” states Devin DeVore, TSC. “We did a walk through when it was still just dirt on the ground and no walls. We understood the basic concept of what the building would be, how it would function, and how the Institute would use it.”

The team at Trinity Sound and Yamaha Professional Audio put together a Yamaha and NEXO system to handle all the audio needs of the new performance space. “Everything was modeled with NEXO NS-1 3D
software,” stays DeVore, including mixers, input and output devices, amplifiers, and speakers.”

57e26cdb-4432-4278-b888-5d4ed17b1390.jpg210c1d3a-d314-4692-9c6e-5af86891e172.jpgThe system includes a Yamaha CL5 at front of house and a Yamaha QL5 at monitors, 64 channels of Yamaha RIO3224-D2, and 64 channels of sample rate conversion with Yamaha RSIO64-D’s input/output boxes. House speakers are NEXO Geo M10 line arrays with LS18-E subs, NEXO ID24 speakers for front fills, and NEXO 45N-12 wedges for monitors along with LS600 sub. The whole system is powered with NEXO NXAMP4x2 MK2 amps. All audio signals are run via a Dante network with Yamaha SWP1 switches, and wireless iPad control for amps and consoles and of course Nuendo Live for Virtual Soundcheck.

Wireless amp control with NeMo

“Some of the concerns I had with the venue, notes DeVore, “was the expected variety of talent and diversity of use the venue was planned for. Everything from corporate events to rock shows. And, the operators could be budding Musicians Institute students or touring veterans. We really needed a system designed to work as a whole in terms of control and flexibility.”

DeVore said one of the great virtues he has always found with Yamaha and NEXO equipment is the ability to operate at a basic level which can be fast and functional, but also the ability to handle complex scenarios with routing, console I/O, control, and more in depth mixing needs with plug-ins or Dugan mixing.

House and monitor amps on dedicated power, 64 channels of RIO D2 inputs, all on Dante network.

“Another concern I had with the system was how it would perform within the big side walls, DeVore continues. “It took a little wiggling around to get the focus and voicing just right with the front fills. This was expected once we detected our rigging positions were about six feet off from the concept design. We also designed a sub array into the system with the six NEXO LS18’s. While tuning the system, the NEXO NXAMPs gave me a lot of control and flexibility with the low end steering.”

DeVore added that he would characterize the system as articulate and balanced. “The imaging is great and the focus and depth that can be mixed into the system is like mixing on a great pair of studio monitors.”

Directors of Musicians Institute were quoted saying – The facility is stunning, and the audio system has performed better than anybody hoped for. Steve Vai and a number of his guests on opening weekend all commented that the NEXO rig sounded superb, and the overall system setup and workflow rivaled anything they encountered out in the world. That’s high praise for a system that didn’t even get a technical run-through before a massive and challenging debut.