In December of last year, singer/songwriter David Wilcox enterted the studio to record his 16th album. Over the next 7 days Open Hand was recorded from start to finish the ‘old school’ way:

on 2 inch 16 track analog tape. All songs were recorded live. Minimal overdubbing was used and there were no "computer tricks." What you hear is just what was recorded live by David and the other musicians. Dan Phelps produced and played guitar and keyboard, Jon Evans: bass guitar and upright bass, James McAlister: drums and percussion. The final result is a stunningly well produced and enjoyable CD with insiteful, often spirtual messages. In addition, the straight forward recording tenchnique yields an a genuine and intimacy sound often lost in more commercially done material.

Here are two video links that you’re sure to enjoy. The first is a set-up to the recording sessions themselves, from David arriving at the studio through the initial sessions. First off, it’s an interesting perspective for any artist preparing to go into the studio. Secondly, it’s a model marketing tool for a forthcoming album. What better way to whet the appetite of your fans than to distribute (via the Internet) video clips of the sessions.