The VXL1 Series of slim column array speaker systems along with the recently announced VXL1 compact speaker and VXS3S sub and a comprehensive set of installation accessories join the popular Yamaha Commercial Audio Solutions (CIS) product line.

Yamaha says the new VXL1 Series is capable of delivering high sound quality in small commercial spaces such as retail stores and malls, corporate offices, educational institutions, and just about anywhere outstanding sonic quality for speech is a necessity but where outstanding pattern control is required.

The new Yamaha VXL1 Series can provide flexible coverage adjustments. For example, units can connect vertically for deeper coverage, and side by side to tighten horizontal dispersion. The VXL1-8 covers 40 degrees in the vertical plane, while the VXL1-16 and VXL1-24 models can be easily switched between 20 and 30 degrees of vertical coverage by way of a single switch on the rear of the speaker.

The lineup includes six models of different size and color, plus options that allow flexible setup in a wide range of environments. Its slim design easily blends with interior décor without disrupting the visual appeal of any space.  The VXL1 and VXS3S are ideal choices for environments where relaxing, natural-sounding BGM reproduction is the goal. These new speakers feature remarkably compact enclosures designed with flowing lines that will blend unobtrusively with any type of interior décor.

The VXL1 features a newly developed 1.5” full-range driver unit that, thanks to a powerful neodymium magnet and other refinements, delivers extraordinary sonic quality despite its size. It offers wide 170° horizontal and vertical dispersion so large spaces can be efficiently served by a relatively small number of speakers.

The VXS3S subwoofer employs Yamaha’s own SR-Bass technology and achieves natural bass reproduction in a compact enclosure. The VXS3S supports both low- and high-impedance connections to ideally serve the scale and purpose of a variety of systems. It also includes satellite connectors that allow convenient, direct connection to the VXL1 or other full-range speakers such as the Yamaha VXS3F, minimizing the number of amplifier channels required. A built-in crossover is automatically applied when the satellite connectors are used, providing exceptionally smooth frequency transition from the subwoofer to full-range speakers.

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