The importance and benefits of truly accurate monitoring cannot be overestimated for any serious audio engineer. However, as a learning tool, accurate monitoring has particular significance. Ed Seay, a sought-after engineer and instructor at Belmont University’s Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business, has this to say: “These young students will be the new wave of recording engineers who will be creating sounds and mixes that we veterans can’t even dream about right now. Doesn’t it make sense for them to have tomorrow’s tools now in their education? I work all over the country in the top rooms, and frankly I don’t really know what I have until I get back to my own studio, Cool Tools, and listen on my PhantomFocus™ System.” –

Nashville, TN – Eighteen months ago engineer/producer and Belmont University student Josh Bellatti purchased The MontAnna MixRoom, the Carl Tatz Design TEC Award-nominated personal studio of songwriter/artists Monty Powell and Anna Wilson that was installed in an unused bedroom in their home. Taking the studio to the next level, Bellatti implemented the new PhantomFocus™ Monitors(PFM), PhantomFocus eChair™ Carl Tatz Edition Workstation by Argosy and Carl Tatz Signature Series™ acoustic modules by Auralex® and renamed it “The Show,” which was chosen as one of Mix Magazine’s Class of 2017 Hottest New Studios.

As a songwriter and producer, Bellatti has produced a full-length EP for the Clarke Sexton Band and has worked with clients on numerous demo productions. He is also working diligently on writing, producing, and engineering his own album. “Having PFM Monitors has completely changed the way I create music. I now have the best clarity and fidelity for mixing and playback, and my productions have improved greatly because of it.”

Bellatti graduates from Belmont University with a degree in Audio Engineering in December of this year, and he is looking to continuing his work as a writer-producer for clients and for his own musical endeavors. He traveled to Scotland and Ireland in July with GRAMMY®-nominated engineer and producer (and esteemed Belmont faculty member) Jeff Balding, where he learned about the recording industry in the United Kingdom. He spent time working with Belmont songwriters in studios located in a castle and a monastery, in addition to meeting with Irish and Scottish recording engineers.

Upon unveiling The Show several months ago, Bellatti stated, “The new PhantomFocus Monitors have completely changed the way I experience music. As an audio engineering student in the process of training and developing my ear, the PhantomFocus System (PFS™) allows me to hear an entirely transparent representation of what is coming through my speakers all across the frequency spectrum. The low-end clarity is unprecedented and something that must be experienced to believe, and the stereo imaging it provides blows me away every time I sit down in front of the gorgeous Carl Tatz Edition™ Argosy workstation.”

Bellatti continues, “There is simply no better way to work as an engineer than with the PhantomFocus System. I often find it hard to leave my MixRoom, because I feel like I am truly listening to music for the first time! The PhantomFocus eChair is also crucial to the listening process because it allows me to be in the perfect monitoring position. Not to mention, I am sure my lower back will be thanking me in the years to come!”